Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Welcoming New Year 2013 (*Snake Year)

Hello my Cingu...
I Just wanna say something...
Happy New Year 2013...(*Bow)

Happy IRIS II Year.... (*hehe)

What is your new year resolution??
"I want to make my Blog bigger than before, and keep updating"

I'm sorry I'm not Updating my Blog. Because of my hectic work.. 

It makes me going crazy (*sometimes)

I Can't open my blog because I don't want to disturb my work with my Blog activity.

This year I'm back with another new Korean drama and Soundtrack.
Although I can't update my blog everyday..

But I will show my trully love for Korean drama and so on for all of you my reader..

Thank you for supporting me...

Love you All..

HAppy New Year 2013

by: PritA

2 komentar:

  1. Happy New Year as well! I love your blog site.

    1. Thank you.... I'm sorry that I can't keep updating..
      Please review my blog as well..
      This Year is IRIS II Year!!! Assaaaa.....